Auckland, 10 May, 2019

10 May 2019 (7:00pm) – 12 May 2019 (2:00pm)

Venue: Camp Morley, 171 Clarks Beach Rd, Clarks Beach, Auckland [Map]
Tickets/Registration: EventBrite
Cost: Players $135, crew $75
Website: Facebook Event

The war for Arlsburg rages on...

The forces of Queen Sofia Jollenbeck were originally shattered by the might of the combined Loyalist onslaught. However, recent months have not been so kind. Reinforced by a seemingly endless supply of soldiers from her other loyal provinces, the traitor Queen seems content to throw away the lives of her subjects in a desperate bid to win back Arlsburg and the vaunted Seven Lakes. The forces of both Cambrian Queens are literally and figuratively at each other’s throats. The capital city of Trent is only a few miles from the Arlsburg border, but the Braidenburg Binding Stone lies within it... and it is in Jollenbeck hands.

To complicate matters further, the war itself is far from clean. Instead of soldiers dying natural deaths, many on both sides stand back up to fight within hours of being killed. They tell stories of dark spirits and suffer nightmares for days afterward. Those less fortunate, whose bodies are too broken to rise, instead return as vengeful ghosts to torment the living of enemy and ally alike.

Elsewhere, tensions remain high. In Avalon, both sides are reeling from the mutual destruction visited upon each other in the previous months. The city of Camelot is vulnerable to King Berengar’s soldiers, but so are many duchies belonging to his allies. If the King’s alliance can hold together, then he may yet win the day, but several of his key supporters have gone missing in the fighting, and are presumed to be prisoners of Queen Lausanne. The entire country remains wracked by civil and military unrest.

In most of Akkad, things are more calm, but Lajeeb remains besieged by a growing army of cultists. The Protector of the Faith lies heavily wounded and has not taken the field since her defeat several months earlier. There are rumours that Antu the Pious will soon die from her injuries, and the Cradle of Faith will fall to tyranny the moment she does. With Ishmael far from home on a crusade of his own, it seems unlikely that she will receive the support the City needs in time.

With the Loyalist Oracles still missing, only your enemies know exactly what the future holds, and that is a terrifying thing.

Tickets for Exile Act Four: The Crown of Blood will go on sale from Tuesday the 19th of March at 8pm. There are 45 player spots. These will be opened to existing players for the first month, after which time we will be accepting new submissions. Crew Tickets will be available at the same time, and will be at an Early Bird price for the first month.

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