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Live action role playing

Imagine jumping into your favourite historical or fictional setting and becoming part of the story as it unfolds. Unlike watching a film or reading a book, you have a chance to shape the outcome of the story in amazing ways. Achieve your character's goals, defeat your enemies and help create a living fictional world.

If that sounds like fun then live action role playing (larp) is the hobby for you.

Larp has everything: from fantastic costumes and dramatic intrigue, to tricky problem solving and action-packed fights, all wrapped up in a dynamic, creative community. Similar to theatre or improv, participants react to the actions of other players, often with startling or humorous results. Larping is an all-inclusive activity where new participants are welcomed and helped every step of the way.

What is NZLARPS?

The New Zealand Live Action Role Playing Society Inc is a non-profit organisation that supports larp in New Zealand.

Getting involved

If you're new to larp in New Zealand, then a good place to start your reading is, which explains larp in detail and answers common questions.

You can also check out our guide to kiwi larp, which has details and photos of larps around the country.

Become a member: Being a member gives you discounts on all the society's larps, and some affiliates also offer discounts to members. You pay a small fee and send us your contact details to join. Visit the Membership page and get hooked up with some larping goodness.

Run a project: We want to give you support and lend you money and equipment to help run your dream larp. Go to the Projects page to read about running projects with the society.

Become an affiliate: Does your organisation have something to do with larp? Go to the Affiliates page to see what sort of mutual benefits we can offer each other.


Annual General Meetings for each of the regional branches and the National AGM were held in September & October 2013. The new committee members can be viewed on the Contact Us page.

In 2010 NZLARPS regionalised, creating Auckland and Wellington branches with separate committees and finances. These branches are overseen by the national committee. The society also appointed regional representatives to support larp in Hamilton and Dunedin. Larp in areas outside of these centres are currently supported by the closest branch, however the society looks forward to more regional branches forming in the future.

The society thanks the Lion Foundation for its grant of $5000 for an enclosed trailor, to transport our gear to events.


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Upcoming Events in NZ

05 Dec 15Dry Spell: House Rules WLG
15 Apr 16Hydra 2016 WLG

Regular Events

Every 2nd FridayFriday Night Larps AKL
Mthly 2nd SatThe Phoenix Rising AKL

Current Projects

Chimera larp convention
Diatribe online community hangout
Flying Monkeys eclectic theatre-style games
Knightshade fantasy campaign


Current Affiliates

Airsoft Auckland live war gaming
Crucible faction-based fantasy!
Freeform Games murder mystery publisher
Hydra Larp convention
Paddywhack larp equipment supplier
Quest Waikato fantasy quests in Hamilton
Skirmish high-action fantasy larp
The AMERICA Club Auckland Uni roleplay club
The Phoenix Rising vampire larp



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