Auckland, 27 February, 2021

2:00pm - 7:00pm

Venue: Ceramco Park Function Centre, 112-122 Glendale Road, Glen Eden, at the top of the hill. There is plenty of onsite parking, though carpooling is still encouraged.
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Cost: Players: $20, Crew: $15

Amid the long siege of Ventura Bay, an invitation has been extended to members of the Loyalist forces from the Avalonian Court to celebrate the Summer Solstice at the capital of Camelot.

The siege of Ventura Bay has not been a short one. Months have stretched long and bloody, as the initially fierce fighting has lapsed into steady, prolonged warfare. With the unbreakable shield surrounding the city, breaking the siege seems impossible, yet forces aligned with the Council of Nine continue to harass and sally forth from the city, prompting vicious Loyalist reprisals. But no progress is made, and morale remains low.

As the year begins to turn warmer, the thoughts of many return to the event which first sparked these conflicts - the Avalonian Tournament of Roses. For the Avalonians in particular, they are reminded of all they have lost, and have not yet had the chance to grieve. Both Sir Ygraine Clarrisant and Sir Killian Kay were renowned fighters, both on and off the tourney field. Yet the flame of their lives was extinguished to save the world.

To raise morale, and give Avalon and all of her allies a chance to remember their fallen, Sir Galaine of The Round Table and renowned scholar, Magister Aaliyah of Akkad are hosting a summer tourney in the famed Avalonian tradition. This time however, there will be no roses. It will instead be called The Tournament of Ashes.

Despite the solemnity of the name, the event is a chance for the Loyalists to come together and forget their worries. There will be drinking, dancing and other merriment - toasts raised and gifts given. With the Old Faith no longer outlawed, friends are encouraged to come with gifts of herbs and flowers for one another. And the Magister has invited all scholarly minds to meet and discuss her latest theories.

It is also a chance for politics. Strange new creatures, once locked out of the world, have been causing no end of trouble for the Loyalists in all corners of the world. Many of these have indicated a willingness to negotiate - so long as hospitality is sworn.

As the sun sets, there will be a final farewell to the fallen, Sir Killian Kay and Sir Ygraine Clarrisant. The traditional funeral in Avalon is a cremation, but as their bodies were destroyed, guests are invited to write memories, goodbyes and messages, to be woven into woodland wreaths, before they are burned in their stead.

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