Auckland, 22 November, 2019

22 Nov 2019 – 24 Nov 2019

Venue: 171 Clarks Beach Rd, Clarks Beach, Auckland
Tickets/Registration: Eventbrite
Website: Facebook Event

A strange wind swirls into Sargon from the deep desert.
It curls in over the walls, stirring slumbering soldiers to wakefulness
and banishing rest from the minds of those already alert.
The strange wind flutters across rooftops and whistles down chimneys.
The citizens of Sargon, so recently branded, hear on the wind, a voice.
And as one, they whisper,
“He is coming.”

The wind gathers strength, becoming first a howling, tormenting thing,
built of fitful gusts and angry sighs.
Then it lifts the first grains of sand from the ground.
On the walls, the soldiers, now terrified, stare at the approaching wall of sand,
borne from the north-east on a howling gale. There are faces in the sand. They say.
There are faces in the sand.
In their beds, marked children writhe as a fever takes them. Moaning softly into the night,
“He is coming.”

The gale reaches even to the Temple of Tzipora,
where the oracles sit deep in their readings.
It slips under doorways, howling its displeasure,
flinging cards of augury out of reach.
Only one card remains unmoved by the wind.
It sits baleful, accusing, staring up at each oracle in turn.
The Outsider.
As one, the oracles all mouth in horrified whispers,
“He is coming.”

As the winds surge through the palace of Sargon and burst into the Throne Room,
Princess Ryah and her attendants are buffeted by the gusts.
Artwork is thrown from the walls, braziers of hot coals are tipped and thrown,
setting rich rugs and hanging curtains aflame.
Rising from her place, and tearing her gaze from her father’s vacant throne,
The Green Archon turns to face the wind.
It screams its hatred, and she regards it with eyes of shimmering emerald.
Overhead, the sandstorm breaks ever so slightly,
allowing a patch of sky to be seen.
There, sentinel over her city,
is the brightest green star ever witnessed.
Ryah breathes in. Once.
When she exhales, the gale dies without another whisper.
And all throughout her city,
once again,

The Archon grits her teeth and growls,
“He is coming.”
All across Talos, those inflicted with Ishmael’s mark feel it begin to burn. Many fall into fevers, while others fall deeply asleep and cannot be woken. Answering Princess Ryah’s summons, the Loyalists converge on Sargon from where-ever they are, intent on ending the threat of Ishmael before whatever his mark is doing to their populations runs its course.

Scholars have also reported that the dead no longer rise across the battlefields of the three realms. Most agree that what was done to repair the Cycle of Death in Arlsbug was necessary. However, it has the most unpleasant side effect of increasing the mortality of every Loyalist at the very moment when it may matter most. [OOC - this means that, though resurrection rituals and Night Road encounters may still happen, the overall challenge of these encounters will now be much more severe, as Death is ‘working as intended’].
We have two new Calls being added to Exile in Act Five. They are as follows:

BLIGHT - You are infected by some dark power which saps away at your strength. This effect lasts until removed. As long as you are under this affect your HP cannot be healed by any means including from Empowered Recovery. You can however be stabilized. Juggernaut does not end this effect.

SMITE - You are struck by a burst of radiant light which penetrates and nullifies most defenses. SMITE functions the same as a SMASH Call, however some entities may become vulnerable to damage only after being struck by this Call.
This is the fifth weekend event in the Exile LARP campaign. There will be places for 45 players (15 per faction), and 35 crew. Player spots will be opened to existing players for the first month, after which time we will be accepting new submissions, however, there is currently a waiting list. Please email us to be placed on it. Crew tickets will be available at an Early Bird price for the first month. All tickets are first come first served and will be sold via Eventbrite.

The event will begin on Friday 22nd of November at 7pm and will run through the weekend until Sunday 24th of November at 4pm. It is being held at Camp Morley, Clarks Beach, Manukau.

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