Wellington, 12 October, 2018

12 Oct 2018 (7:00pm) – 14 Oct 2018 (4:00pm)

Location: Brookfields Scout Camp, Wainuiomata, Wellington [Map]
Registration: Players / Crew
Cost: Players $100, crew $60, $10 discount if paid before September 23
Website: Facebook Event | Diatribe | Pinterest

Anaiya the Sorceress is dead, but in her wake tensions only rise further in the town of Duskwood. Locals feud over who can be trusted and what is good for the town; the Keepers labour to redefine themselves in the face of lost purpose; covenants wrestle with their place in the world even as new covenants begin to emerge; worshippers of gods find their faith validated in unexpected ways and challenged in others. Some dream of a world that does not need gods at all, where life could be restored to the land in its own right and humanity rule themselves.

Two of the 'god eaters' remain at large, two dead, and one stripped of his power. Rumours fly about the people who have inherited the divinity that the Sorceress stole for herself. Power continues to gather in this place, lending credence to Kelira's prophecy - but even then, exactly how anyone might send that power somewhere it could be used to heal the world remains an unsolved problem.

'A Hungry Flame' is the penultimate event in the Embers campaign, to be followed up with a finale in 2019.

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